Medical Grade Chemical Peel is an excellent way to kick start your skin rejuvenation program, maintain results of another procedure such as laser, or just help to give that youthful, radiant vibrancy and glow.  Chemical peels work by inducing accelerated exfoliation or causing a controlled injury to the top layers of the skin.  The resulting healing process induces deposition of collagen, thickening of the skin, and repair of sun-damaged skin.  With certain peels, oil gland production can also be reduced, making it a great option to compliment any acne or anti-aging regimen.  Chemical peels address a variety of issues:


Acne and acne scarring

Pigmentary issues such as melasma

Discolorations or “sun spots”

Fine lines

Enlarged pores

Deeper wrinkles

Benign and pre-cancerous growths on the skin


How much downtime will there be?

Generally, a deeper peel requires a longer downtime, but has the most dramatic results.  Light peels have little to no downtime.  We can tailor it to suit your needs.


How many peels do I need?

Light peels are typically done as a series ideally spaced one month apart to achieve the best results.  Then 3-4 times a year for maintenance.  Deeper peels are typically only done once with long lasting improvement.


Where on my body can chemical peels be applied?

Virtually any part of the body, especially sun-exposed areas such as the face, arms, and legs, (even the back for acne) can benefit from light peels.  These treatments rid the skin of the top dead layer of cells and the result is smooth, baby-soft skin.

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